Ask your cells to carry more oxygen

The power of the mind is beyond what most of us can even imagine. So please do not try and put limits on what you think you can do, because your mind can certainly do that for you if you want.

Stamina is one of the most desirable attributed we seek physically and the more stamina we have the more energy and the more we get done. I have been in sports more than 20 years and been coached by several top coaches around the world. Long distance running was always hard for me but in short sprints I was considered pretty good, my main sport was basketball. In 2016 I beat my personal best times several times over and over again, so I had to set new goals again and again. But why am I able to run faster than ever in my life now?

Here is the secret? I tell my cells to carry more oxygen for me. Really I do.

This here is a 3D model of the inside of an cell that I created many years ago. This helps me to visualize what my red blood cells look like inside my body. The red blood cells carry the oxygen to the body parts all over the body and circulate back to the lungs again to pick up more oxygen (co2).

I started to tell my blood cells when I was about to give up on the treadmill to please carry a little more oxygen (co2) to my body and I tried to make it so it seemed like was not a big deal for them. I would say, just take like 10% more than normal, you can do it, I am putting 10% extra effort into running and I think you can as well with the oxygen (talking inside of my head to my red blood cells).

Here is an image of the red blood cell and another image when the blood cell takes just a little extra oxygen to my body parts.


Normal red blood cell in my body carrying oxygen.


Normal red blood cell in my body carrying just a little extra oxygen for me when I need it.

What I have also told them to do, is to double every tenth cell that circulates after my workout, giving me more red blood cell workers to carry oxygen through my body.

Today I run faster and my heart rate is lower now when I break my own best times then before when I was running distances on times I had done before.

Try it yourself and teach your children how to visualize things they want in their bodies, teach them how to visualize their goals and how to manifest them them into reality. This is one of the many methods to do just that.



Sincerely, Huni the creator of Watchon.

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