Change your frequency to get different results

What we send out and receive is always predictable. I know many parents personally (I used to be one myself), that say to themselves: “we are sacrificing for our children, that is why we work so much and don’t have time to …. our children deserve better”

We as parents should strive to make our children a better version of ourselves or better yet the best generation yet. Would that make a parent happy? Most of us would be very happy to see our children go beyond what we think is possible, beyond what we did, beyond what we’ve dreamed of in our lives.

If we do not change anything we will keep on getting the same results in our lives. If we do not learn to think different, ask differently, change our vibration/frequency, then we will continue to harvest exactly the same thing we are and have been doing. Do you remember when you had your first child? Of course, but do you remember how people reacted to you that did not know you just had a first borne child? They acted towards you in a very different way then usually meeting new people because you frequency or vibration was completely different, you were glowing. We can do this on regular basis in our lives, we can change how people react towards us simply by changing our channel’s frequency.




Here are a few simple strategies you can start doing today and begin you transformation and becoming who you were meant to be:

  1. Fire the people in your life that have a negative impact on your life. This can be hard especially if it is a close relative, in those cases you want to decrease the time you spend around them and accept that they are they way they are. You need to change and surround yourself with people who do what you want to do, say what you want to learn and earn what you want to earn. If you are the smartest person in the room and still not happy with your results in life then you are in the wrong room.
  2. Start each day with a few minutes, 5 minutes will be great to start with and be thankful for something. Try to include your children in this practice, teach them how to be thankful for something in their lives. You can ask what are we thankful for that happened yesterday or what are we thankful for now. If you have a hard time to find something when starting this exercise then start by saying you are thankful for waking up and you are thankful that you can go another day, you are thankful that you children woke up and you are thankful for the oxygen you breath. Once you stick this into your new lifestyle (success routine) enough times, it will be no problem to call out the things you are thankful for. Imagine how fun it will be for you and your children to start they day with this simple exercise. You will be amazed how much your frequency will change just from this simple exercise.
  3. Change how we ask for things. From now on when you think about anything you want to have in your life, you change the way you think about wanting it. You will from now on say “how can I”. Example: today you might want more income, then say out loud or write on a piece of paper “how can I get more income?”. Each time we ask ourselves a question the mind will try to answer this question right away. The more often you ask yourself the better you will get at this and the better results will show up in your life. Everything is connected, we might want answers to how we can get more income and that will lead to us having our eyes open and seeing when the opportunity arrives. We might seek out what other people have done, we might look online how we can get a coach to take us to the next level…….. you get the point! This will trigger new vibration, new frequency which other people are tuned into and they will be drawn into your life. It only takes one person or one deal for you to change your life!
  4. Use the hours you are not working to better yourself in any way possible, but try and make it a daily routine. Example: when you drive to work listen to successful people teach you how they did it, through audio books in the car for 10 minutes each way, or however long the commute is. When this becomes a ritual for you, you will start to look forward to the drive to work. Same applies to trains, buses, walks or riding your bicycle to work.
  5. Write on one piece of paper what you goals you want to achieve in 90 days from now, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months from now. You can start with few and simple goals, but make then challenging, something you will be very happy to reach. Rewrite them each month, set your date to do this in advance in you calendar.

These are just 5 simple things to do, to start shifting your life into the frequency of success and becoming the parent you were meant to be!


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