One of the most precious gifts you can give your child is to teach them the habit of appreciation, gratitude.Watchon Reading about Gratitude

I am so grateful that you decided to read this and improve parenting skills with this simple advice.

Here is an easy simple routine that will do more than just give your child one of the best life skills of all, it will also give you the change to learn from you child in the process.

Start every day with a gratitude ritual with your child or children, where you take turns in saying out loud what you are grateful for. When you start to implement this in the beginning you want to make sure the experience is very positive and make sure you are excited about starting this ritual. That is very important so that the next day, you child will associate this ritual with a positive experience. You could for example say this with a smile on your face:

          Do you wanna play the gratitude game? It’s so much fun!

Then you should start of by saying three things you are grateful for. If you are not doing any gratitude rituals daily now yourself then you might possibly think it is hard to start or maybe you don’t see so many things right now to be thankful for. If that is the case then use something simple to start with, like this.

          I am grateful for my children.
          I am grateful for the air I breath into my lungs.
          I am grateful for waking up this morning.

Once you get going with this ritual you will see more and more things to be grateful for. You can help your children out in the beginning, but they catch on very fast. This is such a great way to start the day and your children are going to start looking forward to this routine very soon.
You can do this around the breakfast table, in the car driving to school or before brushing your teeth in the morning. Do it wherever it is easy to do it.
Here is a video of Jessica, that could represent what you child might be doing in the near future after implementing this awesome routine into your live. We would love to hear you story if you have a gratitude story to share. Enjoy you day and your new gratitude ritual!

Sincerely, Huni the creator of Watchon

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