Teach your children to manifest dreams

Teach your children how to manifest their dreams into their reality.

Take a box of any kind, wood, cardboard, plastic or from any other material, it does not matter. Put a label on the box. On the label write:Magic Box - What goes in becomes real

what goes in becomes real”.

Now explain to you child how the box works. They take a picture of something they desire or write it on a piece of paper and place it in the box. We will use an example of a brand new red bike to illustrate this method. Now you child has found a picture of a new red bike in a magazine for example. Then cut out the picture and drop it in the box and close it. Now you will explain to your child that by putting it in the box it will manifest the bike into their reality, their life. Let them think about it overnight and tell them tomorrow you will explain how the magic works.The next day the process will begin to manifest.
The next day start to explain how this box will manifest their dreams. You open the box and look at the picture of the red bike with you child and say that now we need to know how much the bike costs. You will then find the price for the bike, maybe you go into a bike shop and find the bike there and the price tag or maybe you look online and find a price tag for that bike there. Make sure your child participates in the journey the whole time. Once you have a price tag, let’s use an example of $150 to illustrate the method. You write on another piece of paper the price. Now drop that as well into the box.

Now you will explain to your child that we need to think about ways to create that money into our reality. Here are a few examples, just make sure whatever method you choose to use that the child will have to feel like it is contributing as much a possible in the project:

You could bake cookies and sell once a week in your neighborhood. You can go with your child and knock on doors in the neighborhood and tell them that you and your child are selling cookies to manifest money for their dream bike and you will be making rounds with freshly baked cookies and ask them if they would be interested to buy some cookies from the child? Once you have orders then you will go and bake the cookies with your child and let your child participate as much as possible in the baking process and deliveries. Each time you get a payment, you place the money into the box and fix the price tag by subtracting the amount created that day. Example if you made $10 then fix the price tag from $150 to $140 and tell the child how much is left to reach that goal.

Another idea is to pick night-crawlers and sell to a fishing store or directly to anyone who is going fishing. The same thing applies, you will have to take your child on a trip to knock on doors and find someone who wants to purchase some night-crawlers for fishing. This is simply done by watering your lawn and picking them in the dark with flashlights. I used to do that myself as a child and sell to fishing stores.

Another idea is to look for soda cans and sell them. If you can only redeem money in the form of a note that will be used at the grocery store for example, then you will keep that note for yourself and use it for groceries, but you will pay cash of the equal amount to the note to you child so he/she can put the money in the box. You can also go around the neighborhood and find people who do not save their cans and ask them to safe them and your child will collect them each Sunday until the goal is reached.

Another idea would be to create a YouTube channel for your child and start making funny videos or talent videos or anything interesting. You could record you child playing video games, if that is something your son/daughter likes to do and post them online on the YouTube channel and start getting views and advertisement revenue from that. This you will have to supervise of course and if you don’t know how to do that, but are interested to do that, you can easily find tutorials on YouTube that will teach you how to set it up.

Another idea would be to clean the cars in the neighborhood. Same principle applies, you go with your child and ask around who would like to get their car cleaned for a reasonable price.

Another idea would be to offer chores around the house and pay them for it. It could be taking out the garbage each day or doing the dishes, getting the mail, vacuuming or whatever you think will teach them responsibility and the value of getting paid for service rendered.

Regardless of what you decide to do, this will teach your children how to manifest their dreams into their reality. You have to go on this journey with them and yes this will take some effort on your behalf and your child as well. This will be a very valuable lesson in mindset groundwork for your children’s future success.

Have fun with it and you will be spending quality time with your child and seeing how your child grows and you will also notice that by teaching them this, they will appreciate that new red bike so much more than if you would just go out and buy it for them.

This is one of many methods I teach in my new book I am currently writing and scheduled to be published in May 2016.

With love, Huni the creator of Watchon.

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