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Let your kids learn to count and tell the time with Watchon!

See Watchon in action here!

February 5 2015 – Smartphones and Tablets are a brilliant learning tools for children but they also have a potential downside – with their convenient instant digital clocks and calculators, children’s skills of arithmetic and time telling are quickly being lost.

Fortunately help is at hand! Our new friend Watchon helps children learn to count in English by telling them what numbers they have chosen. With Watchon’s help your kids will soon learn to count 0-100! Watchon will also teach them to tell the time on a traditional timepiece because, in case you haven’t guessed, Watchon is a watch!

Watchon was raised in TempoTown, an ordinary time consuming town that he loves to call home. However, to Watchon’s dismay TempoTown is facing two serious problems – the town’s inhabitants have forgotten both how to tell time on a watch and how to count! To help his town Watchon went to Time University, where he found his life calling – to be a teacher.

Now Watchon teaches children all over the world the simple but vital things he noticed were missing in TempoTown. He is so grateful for getting the chance to teach his time telling and arithmetic knowledge!

Watchon is easy to operate. Simply install the app and let your kids learn how to tell the time on a traditional clock. Press Watchon and he will tell you the time. You can also select numbers and he will tell the user what they are.

Watchon is available for download now from the Apple iTunes Store and the Google Play Store. The app works on any Android device and iPhone or iPad running iOS 5.1 or later.

Help your kids build essential life-long numeracy skills with Watchon – your terrific time-telling friend!

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